HB76 is Law in Texas!

We are so grateful to so many people for their years of support in getting HB76 passed into law - Cody's Law. It's been no small effort, and a lot of years and a lot of tears have been spent. After giving this a go in 5 separate legislative sessions, we have a LOT of people to thank.


Huge thanks go to Kathy Grant for her tireless effort convincing lawmakers of the importance of this bill. She is an amazing friend and an unbelievable advocate.

Thanks also to HB76 sponsors Rep. Dan Huberty, Sen. Carol Alvarado, and co-sponsors Rep. Briscoe Cain, Rep. Trent Ashby, Rep. Mary Gonzalez, Rep Dwayne Bohac, Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa. Also instrumental were Senate Education Committee Chair Sen. Larry Taylor, Sen. Paul Bettencourt, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Sylvester Turner.


A big shout out to Team 76 - our supporters who so diligently called, emailed and wrote their representatives about supporting HB76. People can make a difference!

Thanks to everyone who traveled to Austin to testify, taking time from their work and their families to help ours.

HB76 was named in honor of Cody Stephens, in hopes that no other family, school or community experiences the pain of losing a child to an undetected heart problem. HB76 puts the choice in parents’ hands on whether their child should be screened for the #1 killer of student athletes, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).


Parents can get the physical and/or ECG done at school or with their own doctor – nothing changes there. There is no mandate to have an ECG, rather this is an option for the parent to choose to add an ECG to the already required physical.

Finally... Heart screening works: the Cody Stephens Foundation screening program has saved more than 100 lives since Cody died.


June 20: Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs HB76 into law.

May 20: Senate passes HB76

May 16: HB76 passed out of Senate Education Committee

May 9: Senate Education Committee hearing with public testimony

May 1st: still stalled in Senate Education Committee

April 1: referred to Senate Education Committee.

March 26: The Texas House passed HB76 unanimously: 145-0

March 7: Senate Bill 1921 is filed

March 6: HB76 passed unanimously out of the Public Education Committee

Feb 26: Public Education Committee hearing with public testimony

Feb. 12: First reading in the House and referred to Public Education Committee

Nov. 12, 2018: HB76 filed

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Curious what HB76 will mean for your school or school district? Click this PDF icon to read our Frequently Asked Questions here:

Organizations Supporting HB76

  • Cody Stephens Foundation

  • Texas High School Coaches' Association

  • Texas State Athletic Trainers Association

  • August Heart

  • The Cameron Juniel Project

  • Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association

  • Mason’s Heart Foundation

  • Holden Strong Foundation

  • National Association of Social Workers - Texas Chapter

  • Run for Sarah

  • Texas School Alliance

  • Texas Rural Education Association

  • Texas Classroom Teachers Association

  • Mayor's Office, City of Houston

  • Brandon Goyne Foundation

  • Coalition of Texans with Disabilities

  • Parent Heart Watch

Thanks to HB76 Co-Sponsor Rep. Briscoe Cain for putting this video together from the House vote on March 26.


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