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Sudden Cardiac Arrest IS Preventable


The Cody Stephens Foundation provides heart screening with ECGs for all Texas school districts for students ages 12-24. ECGs are interpreted via telemedicine by licensed cardiologists and results returned to the school within three business days. ECGs are quick, easy and painless – about five minutes for just $20 per person (normally would cost $150 or more).


More than 150,000 people have been screened by the Cody Stephens Foundation.


More than 121 young athletes have been diagnosed with heart issues that would have cut short their lives.


Give us a shout today to get your school included on our Screening Map.


Screening at Aldine ISD on the anniversay of Cody's death

Want to help at a heart screening in your community? Let us know! We'd love your help. We provide training and support.

Cody Stephens Foundation provides free heart screenings for Texas youth. Your thoughtful gift will help save lives and allow children to play with heart.

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The Cody Stephens Foundation
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