Cody Stephens Foundation has been funding heart screening in more than 400 schools since Cody died in 2012.


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Sudden Cardiac Arrest IS Preventable


The Cody Stephens Foundation provides heart screening with ECGs for all Texas school districts for students ages 12-24. ECGs are interpreted via telemedicine by licensed cardiologists and results returned to the school within three business days. ECGs are quick, easy and painless – about five minutes for just $20 per person.


More than 140,000 people have been screened by the Cody Stephens Foundation.


More than 120 young athletes have been diagnosed with heart issues that would have cut short their lives.



In the 2019 legislature, House Bill 76 - Cody's Law was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott, after years of work. HB76 - Cody's Law gives parents the option to get an ECG with the sports physical, an option Cody did not have.


Based on testimony from Scott and Melody Stephens and students whose lives were saved by heart screening, the UIL adopted the SCA Awareness form to help educate families about this silent killer.


Screenings Work

When Huffman ISD started their heart screening program in 2011, football player Chris Aguilar’s parents signed him up. The ECG showed a serious abnormality and within weeks Chris went through a 9-hour surgery to correct a heart issue no one knew he had. The next year he was back playing football and volunteering for the local fire department.

-Huffman ISD

Screening at Aldine ISD on the anniversay of Cody's death

Want to help at a heart screening in your community? Let us know! We'd love your help. We provide training and support.

Cody Stephens Foundation provides free heart screenings for Texas youth. Your thoughtful gift will help save lives and allow children to play with heart.

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