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The Cody Stephens Go Big or Go Home Memorial Foundation was founded in memory of Cody Stephens, who died from an undetected heart condition just weeks before graduation from Crosby High School.

Before he died, Cody was talking to his father, Scott, about his goals to play football in a big way in college and beyond. Cody told Scott, "Go big or go home, Dad."

After Cody died, his family turned Cody's motto into a screening effort to prevent other tragedies. It has been a BIG effort in a BIG state - seven years after Cody died, more than 30% of all Texas schools now offer heart screening.

Texas House Bill 76, Cody's law, was passed in the 2019 state legislature, which gives parents in every school district the right to choose heart screening for their child.

The Cody Stephens Foundation partners with the largest to the smallest schools, in the big cities and the smallest communities.


Cody believed in going big.


We believe going big means everyone should have the opportunity to compete with a healthy heart, no matter where they live or how well they play.

The Big Event

Supporting heart screening in every Texas community

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Southern Lace Estates  | 1110 Indian Shores Rd  |  Crosby, TX 77532

This year the Big Event is going to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever! With the passage of HB76, Cody's Law, we need your help more than ever to make sure every school can offer heart screening to help save lives.

Corporate Sponsorships are still available! Click HERE for more information or email Scott Stephens to make your pledge. Individual tickets: click HERE. Bring friends for a table of 8: click HERE

Want to help at a heart screening in your community? Let us know! We'd love your help. We provide training and support.

Cody Stephens Foundation provides free heart screenings for Texas youth. Your thoughtful gift will help save lives and allow children to play with heart.

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